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Starkey Machinery Incorporated

Company Profile

Starkey Machinery Inc., a closely held corporation specializing in machinery and equipment for the ceramic industry, was founded in 1957 by Edward A. Starkey, Daryle D. Starkey and James K. Lachinian when they purchased the E.M. Freese Company in Galion, Ohio.

Prior to that time, the Starkey family was involved in the design, production and sale of extrusion parts and equipment since 1921 and has not only the technical knowledge necessary for the manufacture of clay extrusion equipment but also the experiential knowledge which comes from years of working with clay bodies and solving problems unique to the industry.

Starkey Machinery Inc. is now in its third generation of continuous family management and operation. SMI supplies a wide variety of high quality equipment and repair parts for the ceramic industry in North and South American and throughout the world for not only equipment of their own manufacture but for most of their competitors' machinery as well. Standard wearing parts for Starkey Machinery and most standard replacement parts for other manufacturers' equipment are normally stocked in the Galion, Ohio facility.

In addition to the processing of clay bodies and ceramic products, SMI equipment is also used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing industries, and in the processing of waste and nuclear waste, in addition to unique specialized applications.

MEMBERSHIPS: American Ceramic Society, Canadian Ceramic Society, Glass and Ceramic Decorators.
*Edward Starkey is a 50-year member of the ACS and CSC.